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, and at work.

Our Services

All of our initiatives focus on developing Green Zone cultures characterized by trust, emotional commitment and collaboration.


Trust is the necessary precondition upon which everything else depends.  High trust environments invite open, honest communication.  They support people in talking to each other instead of about each other and having difficult conversations in support of being more effective at work.  High trust environments create an interpersonal safety zone, a green zone, that inspires higher levels of accountability, creativity and innovation.  Becoming more trustworthy increases personal influence, builds loyalty and enhances personal reputation and influence.

Emotional Commitment

This is where passion, energy and enthusiasm come from.  When people are emotionally committed to the work and to the team, they are unstoppable.  They turn obstacles into opportunities and take great pride in their work.  They care about their work and each other.  The opposite of emotional commitment is not logical reasoning, it is emotional detachment, disengagement and apathy.


Organizations live or die on relationships.  Strong collaborative skills leverage the effectiveness of all relationships and environments.  Maintaining a Green Zone attitude is the single most important thing people can do to increase their effectiveness, particularly during challenging times.

Our Programs are Built on a Solid Foundation of Principles, Theory and Practice

  • Principles - for creating continuous, positive change
  • Theory - a simple framework for understanding human behavior and motivation
  • Practice - experiences to help you align your thinking, feeling, and actions

One Size Does Not Fit All

  • We offer highly personal and intensive training experiences
  • We embed our workshops within other programs
  • We adapt our offerings to meet customized needs
  • We offer longer emersion programs by arrangement
  • We offer shorter informational presentations about our work
  • We partner with associates around the globe to offer our programs