The skills, attitude and mindset to build
, and at work.

The Benefits of Working in the Green Zone

Participant and Supervisor Reported Outcomes:

  • Accepts responsibility for both the pain and the joy in their life
  • Feels centered and personally powerful
  • Perceives reality in the world
  • Is not easily threatened
  • Does not trigger survival instincts in others
  • Sees others as partners or opponents, not enemies
  • Is open and purposeful about their intentions
  • Can be hard on problems and soft on people
  • Treats others with respect
  • Seeks solutions rather than blame or shame
  • Wants to understand others’ point of view
  • Values own point of view
  • Wants everyone to win, including self
  • Cares about impact on others
  • Is open to influence by others
  • Maintains standards of personal honor regardless of strong feelings
  • Sees the value of letting go and forgiveness
  • Seeks excellence rather than beating someone
  • Acts out of values, principals, and reason
  • Communicates a base-line caring attitude
  • Is skillful in dealing with conflict
  • Does not use force or violence
  • Accepts conflict as a natural part of the human experience
  • Is open to feedback
  • Learns from mistakes