The skills, attitude and mindset to build
, and at work.

Our Intention

Our intention is to facilitate the creation of financially and emotionally strong organizational cultures, ie Green Zone Cultures.   A Green Zone Culture™ inspires people to enthusiastically put forth their best efforts in support of achieving a shared vision and purpose;  rewarding them with meaningful work, compassionate management, dignity and respect.  Within Green Zone Cultures, organizational trust, emotional commitment, and collaboration thrive.

Work can be a dangerous place.  It can...

  • Kill the spirit 
  • Deaden aliveness
  • Harden the heart
  • Subvert deep values
  • Elevate the superficial
  • Damage connection with others
  • Make us fear for our livelihood and our families’ well being

We support the creation of workplaces where people can be fully alive. A place where people can live their deepest values, find meaning, make a contribution and enjoy the company of others, all while sincerely serving their customers and earning a living.

A Green Zone Culture is a safe and engaging place for people, an environment that can...

  • Energize and excite
  • Provide meaning and purpose
  • Inspire joy and creativity
  • Support connection and collaboration
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Encourage health and well-being