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Don Pomraning, PhD
Center for Organization and Global Trust

Dr. Don Pomraning brings over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience in Organization Psychology and Development, Human Resources, and Business Effectiveness, focusing on architecting and implementing comprehensive human system solutions designed to generatively influence a company’s sustainability. Don has worked and collaborated with discrete and process multinational and transnational manufacturing corporations and service organizations in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. He is a master human systems and organization therapist who is passionate about creating sustainable trust based communities within and across public and private organizations that will support the proliferation of global trust.

Don was a Principal & the Sr. VP for Organization Effectiveness and Human Resources with Sinclair Group, a global operations management consultancy dedicated to the social and technical transformation of primarily, process manufacturing organizations. For example, in this capacity he provided leadership and working together best practices and organization transformation consulting to China National BlueStar Co., LTD. Before joining Sinclair Group, Don co-founded Pistos Delta Consulting, an organization and leadership consulting firm specializing in the development, transition, and healing of human systems.

Don spent 7 years with Idaho Power Company as the Executive Leader for Corporate Development, stewarding Organization Effectiveness, Knowledge and Skills Development, and Human Resource Business Partners. Prior to this opportunity, Don spent 13 years with The Boeing Company, where he served in a wide variety of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Division Organization Development Executive leadership roles including Organization Development responsibility for all major Reengineering and transformation efforts. Beginning his corporate career with Martin Marietta (Lockheed Martin), Don served as an Organization Development Professional in support of the Space Shuttle Program.

Don holds an MS in Applied Psychology, and a PhD in Organizational Psychology. In addition to Cofounding Green Zone Culture Group, Don is the Founder of the Center for Organization and Global Trust.